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e.u. foreign ministers failed to agree on what to do. on syria friday. pushing to stop arming the rebels this comes as the russian and u.s. diplomats meet to pave the way for next month's international conference on syria. is number phobic hate crime surge across the u.k. following the murder of a british soldier by muslim extremists in london. questions miles over the brutal methods used by french police against protesters following anti gay marriage rally over the weekend with the authorities accused of playing
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just how big the dissent. and the powerhouse of asia and europe struggle to avoid a trade war is that threatens to make beijing pay more to sell its products below market value our top stories the. international news and comment live from a studio center here in moscow this is. in paris the u.s. secretary of state to russia's foreign minister have wrapped up their meeting on the upcoming syrian peace conference speaking to the press off to its both diplomats stressed the commitment to the process of a political transition that will help end the violence in the country meanwhile at the meeting in. brussels e.u.
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foreign ministers fail to find a consensus on the syrian weapons and blog which runs out on friday. terrorists with the story of the u.s. secretary of state john kerry he's met russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov what have the diplomats agreed upon at this stage. at this stage they have agreed that they will both russia and the united states will love to do the will so to speak splits of the labor the russian officials will work with the syrian government as the united states takes it takes upon themselves to work with the syrian opposition in order to bring both sides to the table and to stick to the points talked about in the press to me that conference pursuit place last year exactly what the. what john kerry and sergey lavrov said in paris they expressed their concerns with it and. by then john kerry's that that that hasn't been hasn't been obviously determined that that's an issue that needs to be told to leave it
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dealt with accordingly and the evidence of these. parties really fun to talk to the. world you know bringing to the. house and to be able to eat up all. minister expressed his concern that with these so-called third parties those who are not directly involved in the conflict and get are making it very obvious where their interest lies he was talking about states like qatar and saudi arabia he said that they too if they decide that it is important for them what's going on in syria that they also need to go to the geneva conference and have their say over all of course both russia and the united states i believe that it's up to the syrian people to decide on the interim government to sit down at the table and stop the bloodshed that has been going on in syria for two years now and will carry the
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for me to be studies with the ball going to tell us more about that. of course the the arms embargo is running out on friday and that is a matter of great concern both for russia and the united states because we have friends and the united kingdom already is saying. that shipment of arms to the syrian the moderate syrian opposition is something there that they are looking at is a very potentially and very desirable way to end the bloodshed in the country and that is something that neither russia nor the united states believe is a good way to solve this situation as we know the arms could end up in the in the in the hands of the rebels who are closely linked to al qaida we do know that some of the groups are actually operating in syria and are working with the rebels so that is something. that needs to be looked at very carefully and obviously the arms that are ours are bargo of course according to russia should be extended but again
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that is up to two other countries as well as to the united nations to have a final say on the matter. in which. he's editor of the pan-african and he thinks that the geneva peace conference will put washington in the toilet sports in syria. these planned talks that are scheduled to take place next month between our foreign minister lavrov and secretary of state kerry would be u.s. and russia are going to have to come up with some type of political roadmap for selling the military conflict inside of syria and i think the u.s. is very concerned about this because they know they really don't have any really keen our political players on the ground inside of syria is quite obvious that the people who are doing the fighting in syria those who the united states have labeled
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as being terrorists or an extremist so it's a contradiction that the united states is facing in this situation at the same time they still want to bring about the complete overthrow of the president bashar al assad in damascus i just briefly your thoughts about john mccain he's visiting syria is in that country to the attempt to have a balanced approach to this by the u.s. secretary of state with this piece called neighbor and we having john mccain talking to one side of the conflict there in syria. he's playing a very similar role that he played in libya he went to the city of benghazi early on doing the counterrevolution in libya and demanded that the obama administration recognize the m.t.c. rebels mccain is one of the most cocky and warmongering of senators in the united states congress his role is to try to push the obama administration even further to
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the right in regard to their position on syria police have arrested two men suspected of setting fire to a mosque in eastern england is the latest in a series of hate crimes across the country spot by the brutal killing of a british soldier in london by self-proclaimed defenders of muslims the surge of his number five because some concerned that society is about to split. reports. the police investigation into the death of drama lee rigby is still ongoing but last week's killing of the off duty soldier by islamic extremists has already provoked an anti muslim backlash religious charity phrase masses say they used to receive five calls a day reporting racial abuse that figure is now up to over one hundred calls a day reporting anti muslim incidents the abuse includes the pulling off of women's headscarves attacks against mosques and to muslims or fisi and general abuse social
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media has also provided a platform for some to vent their anti islamic sentiments a number of arrests of already been made the news has left many muslims here saying that they're afraid to leave their houses while community leaders say that they're concerned about the spread of the incidents with reports of anti muslim abuse coming from across the entire country at the same time a new poll says that two sides of people living in the u.k. believe that there will be a clash of the civilizations between white britons and british muslims something that could be increasingly threatening to britain's image of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity poly boy came to see london and one of the suspects in the village murder was on radar for some time and yet he managed to slip through the net earlier i spoke to investigative journalist tony he thinks the attack is of not being monitored closely enough. how did these guys who were right
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at the very top of the terror watch list their x l maturing people how on earth did they not get spotted preparing for some kind of terror act and what was the car for example this is one question that hasn't been answered m i five have gone very quiet on all these kinds of topics how did they get ammunition how did they get a revolver had they been following really these kinds of questions i mean they've got something like four thousand staff m i five and if they can't keep an eye on the people who are very top of the watch list then there needs to be a real shake up and heads need to roll there we've seen extremist groups like the english defense league react but all we know at a point where we're seeing tolerant moderate people now turning against their muslim neighbors well it doesn't just have an impact on the islamic community and i can assure you that many people in this country around happy about i mean look for example what we've done to iraq an illegal war now we've had another bomb attack today we've made a mess in a wreck of these places the arab league's prediction that we were going to open the
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gates of hell in iraq has come true and actually britain and tony blair. george bush two are responsible for this so it's not just the muslim population the greed the other thing is we've got other extremists here in britain that is to say you know sort of anti islamic extremists two weeks ago a man a pensioner coming home from his mosque in birmingham in in the middle and of britain was murdered and this got almost no coverage whatsoever and we need to have make sure that the security services are taking exactly the same sort of measures against the anti muslim like the defense league these kinds of organizations as they are against the islamic organizations what they're trying to do is actually demonize muslims in a similar way to actually to the nazis demonized jews back in the one nine hundred thirty s. and it's ridiculous we've got to stop that we don't want that for my five thank you very much. we are following developments in the u.k. on air and online a full timeline of events since the murder of lee rigby last wednesday with
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reaction and analysis from experts and officials it's all waiting on our websites r.t. dot com. central paris has witnessed violence on its streets over the weekend a mass rally in protest at laws allowing same sex marriage turned into clashes police crackdown on far right activists who had joined the demonstration police arrested three hundred fifty people for refusing to disperse to occupy private property organizers insist about a million protesters turned out but authorities say it was more like one hundred fifty thousand rounds of seeing protests grow as many become angry with president obama and failure to set the nation's economy straight. he's part of an anti gay marriage adoption movement that took part in the protests on sunday i speculate he says people were detained just for voicing their beliefs. be able to provide any picture nor any film of any broken glass any car any
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violence during the protest. at the same time many people have been arrested several hundred people have been arrested by the police just because they were wearing suits with this logo there systematically the government plans to divide by three. numbers of protesters in parts that are against. you know when a kid has lost his parents probably the. dearest wish to be adopted by a man and a woman and. i. make people believe in the future. born from two men or two women and this is extremely dangerous and by the way we look through in their eyes who maybe could be added to procreation and not earth which people are in france are extremely worried about and extremely against and john laughlin from the institute of democracy and
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cooperation in paris thanks forms for land is just using gay marriage as a cover for his political failures none of the policies of us for long can be described as left wing he campaigned you'll recall on against austerity saying that he was going to accept an austerity package and of course as soon as he was in power implemented what and this is having very serious effects on french society so to substitute if you like for this failure to pursue any kind of left wing social or economic policy is instead putting forward or putting through this law on gay marriage which in the words of its own authors will bring about a change of civilization it's a kind of substitute if you like for the economic policy that he refuses to to implement and that's for the police they are acting under government orders they have ministry of the interior was in the police headquarters yesterday more or less
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directing operations so they are acting politically. still ahead for this a global battlefield is washington continues to flex its military muscles around the world look at whether the never ending war on terror is justified it's coming away just after this break.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the. scene from the world talks seventy r.p. interviews intriguing story for you. visit our big. news continues here nazi germany is told the european commission it won't get behind a plan to impose tariffs on some chinese imports as part of attempts to stave off a trade war with asia's biggest financial engine the e.u. accuse beijing of dumping goods onto the market below cost price and the money its european rivals but china's premier warned further scrutiny will only backfire on
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consumers. from the european council on foreign relations spoke to a letter he believes a trade war would be bad for everyone. none of the countries and especially germany can risk to enter into full trade war about anything and so of course it is basically you know the truth to kind of china emerging emergence within europe as well i think it's quite a delicate balance that germany has to strike right now because at the same time it has to ensure that of course china which has just recently proclaimed just book claimed how happy to be working for germany and is very much looking forward to it and this is of course great news for germans but at the same time germany cannot forget about its roots about important role as a leader within the euro ultimately business interests of germany will outweigh the european interests the syrian conflict is causing tension in neighboring countries stoking fears it could spread across the entire region it was reportedly fired from
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lebanon into israel just a day after the attack on part of the lebanese capital in the latest escalation of sectarian strife in the country on his middle east correspondent paula so there is following the latest developments. the has been a leader hassan nasrallah has kelly stated that he and his below are involved in the war in syria he was addressing thousands of his supporters in the southern beirut suburb of dusk here on sunday and in that speech a pledge an all out support for the syrian president bashar assad saying that his shiite muslim group would stay in the syrian war to quote him to be end of the road and achieve victory together. there are two major threats facing the lebanese people and the entire region today the first emits from israel and its avid intentions and plots the second threat stems from the changes taking place in syria which neighbors our cities villages and homes syria is seeing major activity
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by radical islamist movements. this want to say that his war was with the extremists he called an attack fearless he said that tens of thousands of them from all over the world are currently fighting in syria and he warned that if syria force they've been on to move forward this in turn he said would lead to israel we occupying lebanon now eleven his media is reporting that a rocket has been fired towards israel from the lebanese town of measure you and this is off to two other rockets landed in the has been a stronghold in doubt here on sunday the lebanese army saying that those rockets were fired from inside lebanon towards the hizbollah stronghold the united nations has been concerned over his legs involvement for quite some time she the arab chief the arab league chief has urged them to stop fighting in syria but misrata address this during his sunday address saying why is the u.n. not calling on the extremists to stop fighting inside syria and again reiterating
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that they are fighting not only for syria but for lebanon as well earlier they were also dozens of his vilified has reportedly killed during fighting in a key syrian town of qusayr so what we do see is the tension on the ground heating up. america's war on terror a facelift has caused a storm of criticism for president obama and with the fullest military presence world wide many are asking whether what the u.s. does is even legal or he's going to reports president obama in his major national security speech this may quoted james madison saying no nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare at the very same time the administration claims power to wage endless war across the globe there was a senate hearing this may revisiting the authorization for use of military force which congress enacted days after nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one at a hearing pentagon officials claimed that authorization gives the president power to wage endless war anywhere in the world including syria yemen and the congo and
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when asked how long they predict this war on terror is going to last they said quote from ten to twenty years of the you agree with me that when it comes to international terrorism we're talking about a worldwide struggle. absolutely sure that would you agree with me the battlefield is were the enemy chooses to make it. yes sir from boston the two. so by the administration's definition the wall that is the battlefield with me today is brian becker with the answer coalition brian thanks for joining bryan you have president obama saying that his national security speech that the u.s. is not engaged in a boundless war and yet you have this vast military presence across the globe does it look like the u.s. this really seeking to limit itself in the use of military force no in fact the policy in the institutional policy is for the united states then it would be prepared for endless war but that being engaged in all of the activities that would lead one to believe that they are an endless war there's one point three million
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u.s. military personnel three hundred to four hundred thousand of them are overseas there's nine hundred military bases the united states spends not five hundred twenty five billion which is the defense department budget but really about a trillion dollars on warfare that's greater than the next sixteen nations combined we see an integrated network of bases now drone bases growing increasingly this is to have a full spectrum domination using the military as the club the administration argues that all their military actions in the countries that the u.s. is not at war with are perfectly legal under the u.s. congress it's authorization for use of military force that's their legal justification for continuing all these attacks what about international law well international law has been shredded by the so-called global war on terrorism or the authorization bill that allows the u.s. to invade any country bomb any country and kill whoever it wants the u.n. charter is quite clear the united states like all other member nations of the
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united nations can only go to war as an act of imminent self-defense but in fact the united states by arrogating to itself the right to war anywhere against anyone all the time is clearly in violation of international law but president obama. says the administration does not violate anybody's someone to because it operates in consultation with the governments concerned the whole population of pakistan their parliament unanimously remotely opposed drone strikes and yet they continue so maybe the administration is in consultation with the government there but certainly not the people i'm going to check on me today was a prime backer with the answer coalition from our studio in washington thanks for watching. these sixty six people have been killed and many more wounded in a string of car bomb attacks in baghdad the explosions struck mostly shia areas of the iraqi capital and also a busy commercial street that the bombings hit a rock almost daily at the moment the country suffered an upsurge in sectarian violence and u.s.
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withdrew its troops in late two thousand and eleven. thousands of ethnic albanians turned out to march in protest of the rest of sixth form of kosovo rebel commanders in pristina suspects including the republic's ambassador to albania allegedly committed war crimes during the course of a war in the late ninety's accused of running attention center were civilian captors were tortured to death cases led by the u.s. mission impossible which has been operating since prestigious unilaterally declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight. u.k. as industrial output is on the up which should be a reason for optimism in britain's once flourishing industrial regions but as our correspondent sara first found out the recovery may still not be enough. britain's industry seems to be showing some signs of life recent figures from the office for national statistics show industrial production is up which some of seen as a sign the u.k.
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might be slowly bringing itself back from the brink of another recession but renowned historian nicholas comfort has mapped the decline of the once industrial giant and says that when it comes to industry the k. is still falling far behind the global competition have been massive individual companies the second largest manufacturing power in the world in terms of exports we had a massive car industry a huge aircraft industry we will world leaders in computing and nuclear power and over that period. this is evaporated along with the loss of great british plans britain has gone from having the majority of its workforce in manufacturing to having little eva ten percent so just how did this happen you know this clear need for all industries to keep being updated and relevant and the way to do that is to work closely with the workforce and show that there is that modernization happen
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was the life support was turned off for many. industries looted by the seemingly easy cash of the cities finance industry passed governments dismantled largest ways of british industry arguing they were no longer profitable or here in the northeast that heavy industry is a huge point of pride when the coal mines in the still works in the shipyards were dismantled it wasn't just the loss of the industry it was a huge emotional loss as well it's one that many here have never really recovered from in the aftermath of the industrial collapse skilled labor workforce there is little else today that void is evident with the northeast suffering from the highest unemployment in the country. on the ship. the story of effect. more difficult especially. but along with the recent piece to
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manufacturing figures there are signs that things could be looking up the region's on your let's pull civil doubled in the last five years enabling job creation in areas such as the car industry we sent industrial resurrections might not be enough to replace what once was but this is at least an attempt to breathe life back into areas such as this and for many in the communities that capri a welcoming life. in the north east of england well that's all for me carrie johnson he'll be here with a news team in a little over half an hour from now. taking up to then we have the latest round up from the world of sports fans watching this live here in moscow. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. is a big issue. with. science technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got the future covered. download. cation so. stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't work so why would your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere.
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hello welcome to the action packed show with me kate partridge and here's a taste of what's to come. the champions are enrolled in school as the late winner as brian muni beat rosia dortmund to want to wembley to win the european cup for the fifth time. while europol boss with the top and bottom two already confirmed there was a scramble to get into europe how to avoid the relegation play offs on the last day in the russian premier league. and loads of the ring alexander given talent to return to tame the beast stop about such as a shock defeat on a night of talk and they may action in moscow. but first
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a football whereby in munich won the champions league with a thrilling last two one win over brasil dortmund in the first ever all german european cup final at wembley because of him but top off reports from london. why and munich came into the fore and on the back of a seventy legged stoning of barcelona while dortmund saw real madrid for three to prove the triumph of german efficiency over spanish flair on the european stage and after two seasons of dortmund supremacy in the bundesliga boy and also again this year is the mystic title the twenty third in their history. the minute giants finished the season twenty five points ahead of their rivals and arrived at their third champions league final in four years as hard favorites but thousands of fans of the yellow and blacks could come to london what desperate to help their side clinch their first european crown since one thousand nine to say one.
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legendary boy in defender and german captain franz bacon bar one three straight european cups with munich in the nineteen seventies that kaiser was taking ports in the football for friendship project which brings together seven hundred young players from across the continent and sees big benefits from such a big tournament or my my my best friends they're coming from football like. go and then because i i met a lot of a lot of friends or with awards for me to special day to be here to be in another final. i hope. the game tonight because you need join to file for the last four years three times so i think they deserve the title and begin by our dreams of war and lifting your feet to european trophy what fulfilled in a dramatic showpiece at wembley dortmund pressed early on force.


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